HYPERTHEATRE – a tentative definition:

Hyper as in the original Greek prefix “over-” , “more than” or “beyond”, but still resting firmly on the notion and work methods of theatre, play and performance.
As in hyperthreading technology, which makes computers able to perform multiple tasks at once.
As in the hypertext or HTML – any web article full of linked references or hyperlinks to other articles, websites, pictures etc – the hypertheatre takes place not primarily in front of paying audience in theatre black boxes or gallery white cubes. It might employ these spaces for part-documentation of the larger project, but the real and living hypertheatre performance takes place, in the all-encompassing reality outside and beyond these art(ificial) confines. As much as directing, devising and putting a preconceived idea into practice, a hypertheatre sensibility recognizes the staggering degree to which real-life social, ethical and political issues contain role-play, drama, masked intentions and gripping accounts of the human condition. And then to feel your way forward to the most efficient artistic means of expression to put the given or chosen issue in a different light, in the playful, questioning and ambigious manner that is art’s privilege over commercials, entertainment, propaganda or politics.

Photo: Gorm K. Gaare